We All Have A Role To Play
We all have a role to play to prevent violence and #keepkidssafe.

Now more than ever, we must act to build and expand on the services to help our country’s vulnerable children and youth. 

Violence is preventable. Together, we can create a healthier, safer world for every child. Join us and #keepkidssafe.
1. Read Our Call to the 2020 Presidential Candidates
Thanks to your support, Keep Kids Safe sent a letter to the U.S. presidential candidates calling for bold initiatives to end sexual violence against children with a particular focus on prevention, healing, and justice. Read the final letter here.
Many others have signed. Will you?
Thank you for helping #keepkidssafe
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2. Sign the Letter to Congress
Add your name to the letter calling for urgent action to protect children. With a simple click, you are making a powerful statement to #keepkidssafe. Join survivors and supporters from across the nation who want to ensure every child and adolescent is safe at home and online.
Many others have signed. Will you?
Thank you for helping #keepkidssafe
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3. Contact Your
Reach out to your representative and advocate for children and youth. Using our pre-populated emails, you can quickly send a message to your lawmaker and share why it is essential to support violence prevention and response during COVID-19. Or call your elected official, using our talking points and sample #keepkidssafe script.
To email your representative, follow the steps below.
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Step 1

Find your representatives by putting your zipcode into the widget below (your representatives may already be there). Please note your message will be sent to all reps who appear.
Step 2
Click 'Send Message'.
Step 3
 then paste into the box (feel free to customize).
Step 4
Select 'Welfare' topic, click send.
Final step
Create account. The easiest way to do this is to click 'log-in with Facebook'.
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Read this script
Hi. My name is [____] and I am constituent from [city, state].

I’m calling to ask [Senator/Representative _______] to invest at least $300 million in “emergency funding” to strengthen child safety and protection programs in the next COVID-19 Relief Package. Stay at home orders and isolation are vital to flattening the curve of coronavirus, but they are also exposing children to an increased risk of violence.

Many children are now hidden from an army of mandated reporters who would have protected them:  teachers, doctors, dentists, and even child protective service professionals. Many states have sidelined child protective service workers and have failed to provide personal protective equipment to ensure our child welfare professionals can be in contact with our most at-risk youth.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted serious problems for vulnerable children. But timely action by Congress can help reduce their risk for violence and keep kids safe. I believe that our response to COVID-19 must include resources to help protect kids, prevent violence, and provide services to help abused children heal and seek justice. 

Thank you.
4. Post On
Social Media
Spread awareness of the increased risk of facing children during COVID-19 Our movement grows when you share our messages on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using #keepkidssafe. Tag your elected officials too! Use the button below to easily spread the word.

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5. Commit To
Preventing Violence
Here's the fact: 1 in 10 children in the U.S. will be sexually abused before the age of 18. But here's another fact: Every adult can play a role in ending violence against children. Learn about small steps you can take to #keepkidssafe and prevent child abuse.
Many others have clicked. Will you?
Every child deserves
to be safe.
As the United States continues to grapple with the many problems created by the COVID-19 pandemic, one thing is clear: We must act now to protect vulnerable children from violence. Your voice has the power to influence elected officials. Together, we can drive positive change on behalf of children. Join us and #keepkidssafe today!
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